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Metcalf (1958)

Metcalf Z. P. 1958 - Fascicle IV, Fulgoroidea. Part 15. Issidae.. In: Metcalf Z. P. 1954 - General Catalogue of the Homoptera. Fascicule IV, North Carolina State College, Raleigh (United States of America). p. 1-561.
Original available names
Colpoptera caldwelli Metcalf, 1958
Gamergus stali Metcalf, 1958
Hysteropterum schaefferi Metcalf, 1958 synonym of Hysteropterum reticulatum (Herrich-Schäffer, 1835)
Issus walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Paratylana walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Syrgis walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Trienopa walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Colpoptera carinata Caldwell, 1945 synonym of Colpoptera caldwelli Metcalf, 1958
Issus ellipticus Walker, 1852 synonym of Issus walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Paratylana biplagus (Walker, 1870) synonym of Paratylana walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Trienopa retracta Walker, 1858 synonym of Trienopa walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Buca Walker, 1858 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Chimetopon Schmidt, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Gergithus flavimacula (Walker, 1851) new combination of Hemisphaerius flavimacula Walker, 1851
Gergithus niger var. brunneus Melichar, 1906 new combination of Hemisphaerius niger var. brunneus Melichar, 1906
Hysteropterum immaculatum (Herrich-Schäffer, 1836) new combination of Issus immaculatus Herrich-Schäffer, 1836
Gelastyra testudinaria (Stål, 1854) new combination of Issus testudinarius Stål, 1854
Tubilustrium Distant, 1916 transferred from Fulgoridae to Issidae
Wrong spelling correction
Galbaloeca Walker, 1870 wrong spelling of Gabaloeca Walker, 1870
Hemisphoerius bipustulatus Walker, 1858 wrong spelling of Gergithus bipustulatus (Walker, 1858)
Hemisphoerius flavimacula Walker, 1851 wrong spelling of Hemisphaerius flavimacula Walker, 1851
Hemisphoerius signifer Walker, 1851 wrong spelling of Hemisphaerius signifer Walker, 1851
Hysteropterum quadarramense Melichar, 1906 wrong spelling of Hysteropterum guadarramense Melichar, 1906
Geographical distribution
Bruchomorpha oculata Newman, 1838
Eupilis hebes Walker, 1857
Hysteropterum reticulatum (Herrich-Schäffer, 1835)
Peripola nigra (Melichar, 1906)
Qadriva ochaninei (Puton, 1890)