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Emeljanov (1999)

Emeljanov A. F. 1999 - Notes on delimitation of families of the Issidae group with description of a new species of Caliscelidae belonging to a new genus and tribe (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea). Zoosystematica Rossica 8(1): 61-72.
Original available names
Bocra Emeljanov, 1999
Bocra ephedrina Emeljanov, 1999
Bocrina Emeljanov, 1999
Bocrini Emeljanov, 1999 previous rank of Bocrina Emeljanov, 1999
Acanalonia Spinola, 1839 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Acanalonia affinis Fowler, 1900 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Acanalonia caymanensis Fennah, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Acanalonia consors Fennah, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Acanalonia ingens Fennah, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Acanalonia phorcys Fennah, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Acanalonia robusta (Walker, 1851) transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Acanalonia servillei Spinola, 1839 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Afronaso Jacobi, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Ahomocnemiella Kusnezov, 1929 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Alloscelis Kusnezov, 1930 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Andrewsiella Izzard, 1936 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Aphelonema Uhler, 1876 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Aphelonema (Peltonotellus) Puton, 1886 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Aphelonema (Protrocha) Emeljanov, 1996 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Aphelonema (Protrocha) orbiculata Ball, 1935 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Asarcopus Horváth, 1921 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Atylana Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Augila Stål, 1870 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Augilina Melichar, 1914 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Augilini Baker, 1915 new combination of Augilina Baker, 1915
Augilodes Fennah, 1963 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Bergrothora Metcalf, 1952 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Bruchomorpha Newman, 1838 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Bruchoscelis Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Caliscelidae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 new combination of Caliscelinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843
Caliscelis De Laporte, 1833 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Capelopterum Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Chimetopon Schmidt, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Chondroptera Bergroth, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Concepcionella Schmidt, 1927 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Conocaliscelis Matsumura, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Cotylana Fennah, 1954 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Distiana Metcalf, 1952 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Epitonga Fennah, 1954 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Euthiscia Van Duzee, 1923 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Fitchiella Van Duzee, 1917 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Forculus Distant, 1912 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Forculusoides Distant, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Glyphotonga Schmidt, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Griphissus Fennah, 1967 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Gwurra Linnavuori, 1973 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Hemitonga Schmidt, 1911 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Homaloplasis Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Homocnemia Costa, 1857 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Ingoma Fennah, 1954 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Issarius Metcalf, 1950 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Issopulex China & Fennah, 1960 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Itatiayana Metcalf, 1952 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Lollius Stål, 1866 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Neotylana Distant, 1909 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Notosimus Fennah, 1965 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Ohausiella Schmidt, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Ommatidiotus Spinola, 1839 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Orthophana Melichar, 1923 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Oryxana Distant, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Papagona Ball, 1935 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Paranaso Schmidt, 1932 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Paratonga Schmidt, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Paratylana Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Peripola Melichar, 1907 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Philatis Stål, 1862 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Plagiopsis Berg, 1883 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Plagiopsola Schmidt, 1927 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Populonia Jacobi, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Pseudotylana Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Rhinogaster Fennah, 1949 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Scalabis Stål, 1870 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Semiperipola Schmidt, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Symplana Kirby, 1891 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Symplanella Fennah, 1987 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Symplanodes Fennah, 1987 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Thiscia Stål, 1862 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Tonga Kirkaldy, 1900 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Tonginae Kirkaldy, 1907 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Tubilustrium Distant, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Tylana Stål, 1861 transferred from Issidae to Acanaloniidae
Ugandana Metcalf, 1952 transferred from Issidae to Caliscelidae
Geographical distribution
Bocra ephedrina Emeljanov, 1999