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Wilson (1992)

Wilson S. W. 1992 - The Delphacidae of Yukon Territory, Canada (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea). Insecta Mundi 6(2): 79-100.
Original available names
Aschedelphax Wilson, 1992 previous rank of Elachodelphax (Aschedelphax) Wilson, 1992
Delphacodes anufrievi Wilson, 1992
Delphacodes emeljanovi Wilson, 1992 previous combination of Kosswigianella (Kosswigianella) emeljanovi (Wilson, 1992)
Elachodelphax (Aschedelphax) Wilson, 1992
Elachodelphax (Aschedelphax) hochae (Wilson, 1992)
Elachodelphax Aschedelphax hochae Wilson, 1992 previous combination of Elachodelphax (Aschedelphax) hochae (Wilson, 1992)
Javesella ila Wilson, 1992
Kosswigianella (Kosswigianella) emeljanovi (Wilson, 1992)
Yukonodelphax Wilson, 1992
Yukonodelphax kendallae Wilson, 1992
Kusnezoviella matisi Anufriev & Emeljanov, 1988 synonym of Kusnezoviella macleani Wilson, 1988
Acanthodelphax analis (Crawford, 1914) new combination of Delphacodes analis (Crawford, 1914)
Javesella kilmani (Van Duzee, 1894) new combination of Delphacodes kilmani (Van Duzee, 1894)
Yukonodelphax pediforma (Beamer, 1947) new combination of Delphacodes pediforma Beamer, 1947
Yukonodelphax stramineosa (Beamer, 1948) new combination of Delphacodes stramineosa Beamer, 1948
Geographical distribution
Chionomus dissipatus (Muir, 1926)
Delphacodes anufrievi Wilson, 1992
Elachodelphax (Aschedelphax) hochae (Wilson, 1992)
Isodelphax nigridorsum (Crawford, 1914)
Javesella beringiaca Emeljanov, 1987
Javesella ila Wilson, 1992
Javesella (Javesella) discolor (Boheman, 1847)
Javesella (Javesella) obscurella (Boheman, 1847)
Javesella (Javesella) pellucida (Fabricius, 1794)
Javesella (Javesella) simillima (Linnavuori, 1948)
Kosswigianella analis (Crawford, 1914)
Kosswigianella (Kosswigianella) emeljanovi (Wilson, 1992)
Kusnezoviella macleani Wilson, 1988
Muirodelphax arvensis (Fitch, 1851)
Paradelphacodes litoralis (Reuter, 1880)
Paraliburnia kilmani (Van Duzee, 1894)
Yukonodelphax kendallae Wilson, 1992