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Emeljanov (2011)

Emeljanov A. F. 2011 - Improved tribal delimitation of the subfamily Dictyopharinae and description of new genera and new species (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea, Dictyopharidae) [in Russian]. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie XC(2): 299-328.
Original available names
Afronersia (Cryptophanella) Emeljanov, 2011
Afronersia (Mesophanella) Emeljanov, 2011
Afronersia (Oxyphanella) Emeljanov, 2011
Chondrodire Emeljanov, 2011
Cleotyche blanda Emeljanov, 2011
Cormophana Emeljanov, 2011
Coronersia Emeljanov, 2011
Deltoplana Emeljanov, 2011
Deltoplana triplicata Emeljanov, 2011
Glochina Emeljanov, 2011 nomen praeoccupatum of Emeljanovina Xing & Chen, 2013
Mathetris Emeljanov, 2011 previous combination of Mathetris Emeljanov, 2011
Mathetris Emeljanov, 2011
Medeusa Emeljanov, 2011
Neoterpe Emeljanov, 2011
Neoterpe elegantissima Emeljanov, 2011
Netaosa Emeljanov, 2011
Netaosa cellulosa Emeljanov, 2011
Netaosa dmitrievi Emeljanov, 2011
Notostrophia Emeljanov, 2011 homonym of Neonotostrophia Xing & Chen, 2013
Pseudophanella (Cliduchus) Emeljanov, 2011
Pseudophanella (Orthophanella) Emeljanov, 2011
Xenochasma Emeljanov, 2011
Amboina Kirkaldy, 1913 synonym of Dictyomorpha Melichar, 1912
Indagnia Emeljanov, 2008 synonym of Avephora Bierman, 1910
Orodictya Kirkaldy, 1913 synonym of Leprota Melichar, 1912
Orodictya Kirkaldy, 1913 synonym of Leprota Melichar, 1912
Afronersia (Oxyphanella) katangana Fennah, 1958 new combination of Afronersia katangana Fennah, 1958
Afronersia (Mesophanella) melichariana (Metcalf, 1946) new combination of Afronersia melichariana (Metcalf, 1946)
Afronersia (Mesophanella) monacha Fennah, 1958 new combination of Afronersia monacha Fennah, 1958
Mathetris rhodesiana (Synave, 1979) new combination of Aselgeia rhodesiana Synave, 1979
Avephora Bierman, 1910 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Brachytaosa Muir, 1931 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Callodictya Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Centromeriana Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Chiltana Shakila & Akbar, 1995 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Chondrodire chilensis (Melichar, 1912) new combination of Chondrodera chilensis Melichar, 1912
Chondrodire granicollis (Melichar, 1912) new combination of Chondrodera granicollis Melichar, 1912
Callodictya kazeruna (Dlabola, 1986) new combination of Dictyophara (Chanithus) kazeruna Dlabola, 1986
Glochina dixoni (Distant, 1906) new combination of Dictyophara dixoni Distant, 1906
Afronersia (Afronersia) lacustris (Jacobi, 1912) new combination of Dictyophara lacustris Jacobi, 1912
Pseudophanella montana (Lallemand, 1950) new combination of Dictyophara montana Lallemand, 1950
Notostrophia nigrosuturalis (Melichar, 1912) new combination of Dictyophara nigrosuturalis Melichar, 1912
Medeusa speicarina (Walker, 1857) new combination of Dictyophara speicarina Walker, 1857
Pseudophanella (Cliduchus) turbata (Lallemand, 1950) new combination of Dictyophara turbata Lallemand, 1950
Dictyopharina Melichar, 1903 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Dictyopharoides Fowler, 1900 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Xenochasma rectirostris (Spinola, 1852) new combination of Dictyopharoides rectirostris (Spinola, 1852)
Dorimargus Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Doryphorina Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Eudictya Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Fernandea Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Gilgitia Shakila, 1991 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Hydriena Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Igava Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Avephora fuminervis (Lethierry, 1892) new combination of Indagnia fuminervis (Lethierry, 1892)
Indrival Fennah, 1978 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Leprota Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Saigona monticola (Kirkaldy, 1913) new combination of Leprota monticola (Kirkaldy, 1913)
Litocras Emeljanov, 2008 new combination of Litocras athletes Emeljanov, 2008
Mathetris Emeljanov, 2011 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Megadictya Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Melicharoptera Metcalf, 1938 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Metaurus Stål, 1866 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Mitrops Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Afronersia (Afronersia) orbata (Melichar, 1912) new combination of Nersia orbata (Melichar, 1912)
Afronersia (Afronersia) serena (Stål, 1866) new combination of Nersia serena (Stål, 1866)
Coronersia sertata (Jacobi, 1904) new combination of Nersia sertata (Jacobi, 1904)
Nesolyncides Fennah, 1958 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Leprota monticola (Kirkaldy, 1913) new combination of Orodictya monticola Kirkaldy, 1913
Parahasta Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Cormophana nigropictum (Fennah, 1958) new combination of Phaenodictyon nigropictum Fennah, 1958
Plegmatoptera Spinola, 1839 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Pseudophanella (Orthophanella) astigmatica (Bergroth, 1920) new combination of Pseudophanella astigmatica (Bergroth, 1920)
Afronersia (Cryptophanella) divincta (Bergroth, 1920) new combination of Pseudophanella devincta (Bergroth, 1920)
Afronersia (Cryptophanella) ripuaris (Lallemand, 1952) new combination of Pseudophanella ripuaris (Lallemand, 1952)
Afronersia (Cryptophanella) somaliana (Lallemand, 1935) new combination of Pseudophanella somaliana (Lallemand, 1935)
Putala Melichar, 1903 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Avephora maculata (Distant, 1906) new combination of Putala maculata Distant, 1906
Raphiophora Schaum, 1851 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Rhynchomitra Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Sicoris Stål, 1866 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Sicorisia Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Sinodictya Matsumura, 1940 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Cuernavaca herbida (Walker, 1851) new combination of Taosa (Cuernacava) herbida (Walker, 1851)
Cuernavaca inexacta (Walker, 1858) new combination of Taosa (Cuernacava) inexacta (Walker, 1858)
Cuernavaca longula (Remes Lenicov, 2010) new combination of Taosa (Cuernacava) longula Remes Lenicov, 2010
Taractellus Metcalf, 1948 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Taractellus chilensis Spinola, 1852 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Chondrodera granicollis Melichar, 1912 new combination of Taractellus granicollis (Melichar, 1912)
Tenguella Matsumura, 1910 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Tenguna Matsumura, 1910 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Toropa Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Trigava O'Brien, 1999 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Viridophara Shakila, 1984 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Chondrodera Melichar, 1912 nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Chondrodire Emeljanov, 2011
Geographical distribution
Cleotyche blanda Emeljanov, 2011
Deltoplana triplicata Emeljanov, 2011
Mathetris rhodesiana (Synave, 1979)
Medeusa speicarina (Walker, 1857)
Neoterpe elegantissima Emeljanov, 2011
Netaosa cellulosa Emeljanov, 2011
Netaosa dmitrievi Emeljanov, 2011
Plegmatoptera prasina Spinola, 1839
Sinodictya tukana Matsumura, 1940
Wrong spelling
Afronersia (Cryptophanella) divincta (Bergroth, 1920) wrong spelling of Afronersia (Cryptophanella) devincta (Bergroth, 1920)
Chondrodera Melichar, 1912 new combination of Taractellus Metcalf, 1948