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Fennah (1978)

Fennah R. G. 1978 - The higher classification of the Nogodinidae (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea) with the description of a new genus and species. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine. London 113 (1977): 113-118.
Original available names
Gaetuliina Fennah, 1978 previous combination of Gaetuliini Fennah, 1978
Gaetuliini Fennah, 1978 synonym of Elicini Melichar, 1915
Pisachini Fennah, 1978 previous combination of Pisachini Fennah, 1978
Pisachini Fennah, 1978
Psiadiicola Fennah, 1978
Psiadiicola brevipennis Fennah, 1978
Sassulina Fennah, 1978
Varciina Fennah, 1978
Varciini Fennah, 1978
Varciini Fennah, 1978 previous combination of Varciini Fennah, 1978
Vutinina Fennah, 1978
Biolleyana Distant, 1909 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Bladina Stål, 1859 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Colpocara Bergroth, 1920 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Conna Walker, 1857 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Convarcia Schmidt, 1919 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Criopaca Schmidt, 1918 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Decoomana Lallemand, 1942 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Detya Distant, 1906 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Diazanus Hesse, 1925 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Elica Walker, 1857 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Elicaini Melichar, 1915 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Epacria Gerstaecker, 1895 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Exphora Signoret, 1860 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Exphora fumivenosa Jacobi, 1917 new combination of Exphora fumivenosa (Jacobi, 1917)
Gaetulia Stål, 1864 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Goniopsara Metcalf, 1952 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Indogaetulia Schmidt, 1919 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Laberia Stål, 1866 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Lasonia Melichar, 1903 transferred from Nogodinidae to Issidae
Mindura Stål, 1862 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Miriza Stål, 1862 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Morsina Melichar, 1902 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Neovarcia Schmidt, 1919 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Nogodina Stål, 1859 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Nurunderia Distant, 1909 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Orthothyreus Schmidt, 1919 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Osaka Distant, 1909 transferred from Nogodinidae to Ricaniidae
Paradetya Schmidt, 1919 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Paralasonia Muir, 1924 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Paravarcia Schmidt, 1919 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Philbyella China, 1938 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Pisacha Distant, 1906 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Privesomorphus Schmidt, 1912 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Probletomus Gerstaecker, 1895 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Pucina Stål, 1866 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Riancia Signoret, 1860 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Salona Stål, 1866 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Sassula Stål, 1870 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Semestra Jacobi, 1916 transferred from Nogodinidae to Ricaniidae
Soaemis Jacobi, 1916 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Varcia Stål, 1870 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Varciella Melichar, 1923 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Varciopsis Jacobi, 1916 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Vutina Stål, 1862 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Geographical distribution
Psiadiicola brevipennis Fennah, 1978
Wrong spelling
Diazinus Hesse, 1925 wrong spelling of Diazanus Hesse, 1925
Goneopsara Metcalf, 1952 wrong spelling of Goniopsara Metcalf, 1952