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Gnezdilov (2016)

Gnezdilov V. M. 2016 - Notes on the phylogenetic relationships of planthoppers of the family Issidae (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea) of the Western Palaearctic fauna, with descriptions of two new genera. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 95(2): 362-382.
Original available names
Apedalmus Gnezdilov, 2016 previous combination of Apedalmus Gnezdilov, 2016
Apedalmus Gnezdilov, 2016
Thalassana Gnezdilov, 2016 previous combination of Thalassana Gnezdilov, 2016
Thalassana Gnezdilov, 2016
Agalmatiina Gnezdilov, 2002 synonym of Issina Spinola, 1839
Hysteropterina Melichar, 1906 synonym of Issina Spinola, 1839
Hysteropterum schaefferi Metcalf, 1958 synonym of Hysteropterum reticulatum (Herrich-Schäffer, 1835)
Abolloptera Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2006 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Agalmatium Emeljanov, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Alloscelis Kusnezov, 1930 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Amnisa Stål, 1862 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Amphiscepa Germar, 1830 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Anatolodus Dlabola, 1982 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Anatonga Emeljanov, 2001 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Argepara Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2008 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Aztecus Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2008 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Balduza Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2006 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Bergevinium Gnezdilov, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Bootheca Emeljanov, 1964 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Brachyprosopa Kusnezov, 1929 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Brahmaloka Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Bubastia Emeljanov, 1975 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Acrestia (Acrestia) spartica Dlabola, 1982 new combination of Bubastia (Acrestia) spartica Dlabola, 1982
Acrestia (Acrestia) suturalis (Fieber, 1877) new combination of Bubastia (Acrestia) suturalis (Fieber, 1877)
Thalassana cyrenaica (Linnavuori, 1965) new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) cyrenaica (Linnavuori, 1965)
Thalassana ephialtes (Linnavuori, 1971) new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) ephialtes (Linnavuori, 1971)
Acrestia (Capititudes) Gnezdilov, Drosopoulos & Wilson, 2004 new combination of Bubastia (Capititudes) Gnezdilov, Drosopoulos & Wilson, 2004
Acrestia (Capititudes) jatagana (Dlabola, 1980) new combination of Bubastia (Capititudes) jatagana (Dlabola, 1980)
Bumaya Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2008 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Caepovultus Gnezdilov & Wilson, 2007 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Cavatorium Dlabola, 1980 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Celyphoma Emeljanov, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Celyphoma (Stygiata) quadrupla (Meng & Wang, 2012) new combination of Celyphoma quadrupla Meng & Wang, 2012
Chimetopon Schmidt, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Clybeccus Gnezdilov, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Conosimus Mulsant & Rey, 1855 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Coruncanius Distant, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Corymbius Gnezdilov, 2002 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Delongana Caldwell, 1945 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Devagama Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Diceroptera Gnezdilov, 2011 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Dracela Signoret, 1861 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Duroides Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Eupilis Walker, 1857 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Euroxenus Gnezdilov, 2009 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Eusarima Yang, 1994 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Falcidius Stål, 1866 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Fieberium Dlabola, 1980 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Gabaloeca Walker, 1870 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Givaka Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Granum Gnezdilov, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Heremon Kirkaldy, 1903 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Hysteropterum Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Iberanum Gnezdilov, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Ikonza Hesse, 1925 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Incasa Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2008 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Inflatodus Dlabola, 1982 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Iranodus Dlabola, 1980 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Jagannata Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Kathleenum Gnezdilov, 2004 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Kervillea de Bergevin, 1918 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Kodaiana Distant, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Kovacsiana Synave, 1956 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Latematium Dlabola, 1979 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Atticus graecicum (Dlabola, 1982) new combination of Latematium (Atticus) graecicum (Dlabola, 1982)
Latilica Emeljanov, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Lethierium Dlabola, 1980 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Libanissum Dlabola, 1980 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Lindbergatium Dlabola, 1984 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Lusanda Stål, 1859 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Mulsantereum Gnezdilov, 2002 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Apedalmus abruzicus (Dlabola, 1983) new combination of Mulsantereum abruzicum (Dlabola, 1983)
Apedalmus novaki (Wagner, 1962) new combination of Mulsantereum novaki (Wagner, 1962)
Apedalmus oculatus (Linnavuori, 1965) new combination of Mulsantereum oculatum (Linnavuori, 1965)
Mycterodus Spinola, 1839 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Montissus batathen Gnezdilov, 2003 new combination of Mycterodus (Montissus) batathen Gnezdilov, 2003
Montissus bernhaueri (Dlabola, 1997) new combination of Mycterodus (Montissus) bernhaueri Dlabola, 1997
Narayana Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Neosarima Yang, 1994 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Numidius Gnezdilov, Guglielmino & D'Urso, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Oronoqua Fennah, 1947 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Palaeolithium Gnezdilov, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Palmallorcus Gnezdilov, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Pamphylium Gnezdilov & Wilson, 2007 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Papunega Gnezdilov & Bourgoin, 2015 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Paralixes Caldwell, 1945 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Paranipeus Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Pavelauterum Gnezdilov, 2013 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Pentissus Dlabola, 1980 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Phasmena Melichar, 1902 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Celyphoma (Stygiata) contigua (Emeljanov, 1982) new combination of Phasmena contigua Emeljanov, 1982
Celyphoma (Celyphona) gobica (Emeljanov, 1982) new combination of Phasmena gobica Emeljanov, 1982
Celyphoma (Celyphona) petrensis (Emeljanov, 1972) new combination of Phasmena petrensis Emeljanov, 1972
Celyphoma (Celyphona) spiraeae (Mitjaev, 1967) new combination of Phasmena spiraeae Mitjaev, 1967
Celyphoma (Celyphona) tumida (Emeljanov, 1982) new combination of Phasmena tumida Emeljanov, 1982
Picumna Stål, 1864 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Planocostium Dlabola, 1982 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Proteinissus Fowler, 1904 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Pseudohemisphaerius Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Qadriva Ghauri, 1965 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Radha Melichar, 1903 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Redarator Distant, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Rhissolepus Emeljanov, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Samantiga Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Sarimodes Matsumura, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Sarnus Stål, 1866 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Scorlupaster Emeljanov, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Scorlupella Emeljanov, 1971 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Semissus Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Sfaxia de Bergevin, 1917 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Sinesarima Yang, 1994 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Sivaloka Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Stilbometopius Gnezdilov & O'Brien, 2006 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Celyphoma (Stygiata) ephedrae (Emeljanov, 1972) new combination of Stygiata ephedrae Emeljanov, 1972
Sundorrhinus Gnezdilov, 2010 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tapirissus Gnezdilov, 2014 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tatva Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tautoprosopa Emeljanov, 1978 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tempsa Stål, 1866 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Thabenoides Distant, 1916 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Thabenula Gnezdilov, Soulier-Perkins & Bourgoin, 2011 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Thionia Stål, 1859 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Thioniamorpha Metcalf, 1938 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Thioniella Metcalf, 1938 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tingissus Gnezdilov, 2003 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Traxanellus Caldwell, 1945 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Traxus Metcalf, 1923 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tshurtshurnella Kusnezov, 1927 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tylanira Ball, 1936 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Ulixes Stål, 1861 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Ulixoides Haupt, 1918 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Vindilis Stål, 1870 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Vishnuloka Distant, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Webbisanus Dlabola, 1983 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Zopherisca Emeljanov, 2001 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Geographical distribution
Acrestia (Acrestia) suturalis (Fieber, 1877)
Acrestia (Capititudes) jatagana (Dlabola, 1980)
Apedalmus abruzicus (Dlabola, 1983)
Apedalmus novaki (Wagner, 1962)
Apedalmus oculatus (Linnavuori, 1965)
Atticus graecicum (Dlabola, 1982)
Celyphoma fruticulina (Emeljanov, 1964)
Celyphoma (Stygiata) contigua (Emeljanov, 1982)
Issus muscaeformis (Von Schrank, 1781)
Latissus dilatatus (Fourcroy, 1785)
Phasmena nigrodorsalis Sidorski, 1938
Thalassana ephialtes (Linnavuori, 1971)
Wrong spelling
Quadriva Ghauri, 1965 wrong spelling of Qadriva Ghauri, 1965
Bubastia Emeljanov, 1975 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) Emeljanov, 1975
Bubastia amasica Kartal & Karavin, 2010 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) amasica Kartal & Karavin, 2010
Bubastia corniculata (Puton, 1890) new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) corniculata (Puton, 1890)
Bubastia jankovici Dlabola, 1980 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) jankovici Dlabola, 1980
Bubastia josifovi Dlabola, 1980 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) josifovi Dlabola, 1980
Bubastia kelkitica Kartal & Karavin, 2010 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) kelkitica Kartal & Karavin, 2010
Bubastia lindskogi Dlabola, 1984 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) lindskogi Dlabola, 1984
Bubastia lukia Dlabola, 1984 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) lukia Dlabola, 1984
Bubastia montandonica Dlabola, 1984 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) montandonica Dlabola, 1984
Bubastia novalis (Logvinenko, 1975) new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) novalis (Logvinenko, 1975)
Bubastia obsoleta (Fieber, 1877) new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) obsoleta (Fieber, 1877)
Bubastia olympica Dlabola, 1982 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) olympica Dlabola, 1982
Bubastia sakisi Dlabola, 1984 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) sakisi Dlabola, 1984
Bubastia saskia Dlabola, 1984 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) saskia Dlabola, 1984
Bubastia taurica (Kusnezov, 1926) new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) taurica (Kusnezov, 1926)
Bubastia thaidis Dlabola, 1987 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) thaidis Dlabola, 1987
Bubastia thessalica Dlabola, 1980 new combination of Bubastia (Bubastia) thessalica Dlabola, 1980