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Fennah (1947)

Fennah R. G. 1947 - Notes on neotropical Dictyopharidae and synonomy in two other groups. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Washington 107(11): 1-15.
Original available names
Hyalodictyon bugabae Fennah, 1947
Hyalodictyon centrali-americanum Fennah, 1947
Hyalodictyon teapanum Fennah, 1947
Neomiasa Fennah, 1947
Hydriena distanti Melichar, 1912 synonym of Hydriena ferruginea (Walker, 1851)
Neommatissus spurcus Muir, 1913 synonym of Neommatissus congruus (Walker, 1870)
Pintalia quadrimaculata Fennah, 1945 synonym of Pintalia constellaris (Walker, 1858)
Roesma Fennah, 1945 synonym of Rotunosa Distant, 1906
Taosa (Cuernacava) paraherbida Muir, 1931 synonym of Taosa (Cuernacava) inexacta (Walker, 1858)
Neommatissus congruus (Walker, 1870) new combination of Brixia congrua Walker, 1870
Oliarus vilis (Walker, 1857) new combination of Cixius vilis Walker, 1857
Hydriena ferruginea (Walker, 1851) new combination of Dichoptera ferruginea Walker, 1851
Taosa (Cuernacava) inexacta (Walker, 1858) new combination of Dictyophara inexacta Walker, 1858
Neomiasa telifera (Walker, 1858) new combination of Dictyophora telifera Walker, 1958
Pintalia constellaris (Walker, 1858) new combination of Poecilloptera constellaris Walker, 1858
Geographical distribution
Hyalodictyon bugabae Fennah, 1947
Hyalodictyon centrali-americanum Fennah, 1947
Correction of misidentification
Dictyophara brachyrhina Walker, 1851 Misidentification of Hyalodictyon centrali-americanum Fennah, 1947 in Distant (1887) according to Fennah (1947)