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Dictyophara (Chanithus) longirostris Walker, 1851

Basionym original publication
Walker F. 1851 - List of the specimens of Homopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. 2: 261-636.
Chronological account
Dictyophara iberica Fieber, 1876 synonym of Dictyophara (Chanithus) longirostris Walker, 1851 according to Horváth (1907): 321
Dictyophora longipennis Walker, 1851 previous combination of Chanithus longirostris (Walker, 1851) according to Oshanin (1912): 115
Dictyophara (Chanithus) hastata (Kusnezov, 1929) synonym of Dictyophara (Chanithus) longirostris Walker, 1851 according to Emeljanov et al. (2012): 13
Chanithus longirostris (Walker, 1851) previous combination of Dictyophara (Chanithus) longirostris Walker, 1851
Chanithus hastatus Kusnezov, 1929 previous combination of Dictyophara (Chanithus) hastata (Kusnezov, 1929)
Dictyophara centroasiatica (Dubovskiy, 1966) synonym of Dictyophara (Chanithus) longirostris Walker, 1851
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Dictyophara iberica Fieber, 1872 nomen nudum of Dictyophara iberica Fieber, 1876
Dyctiophora longirostris Walker, 1851 wrong spelling of Dictyophara (Chanithus) longirostris Walker, 1851
Dytyophora longirostris Signoret, 1862 wrong spelling of Dictyophara (Chanithus) longirostris Walker, 1851
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Iran  according to  Mozaffarian & Wilson (2011): 22
Israel  according to  Emeljanov et al. (2012): 13
Kazakhstan  according to  Emeljanov et al. (2012): 13
Kyrgyzstan  according to  Emeljanov et al. (2012): 13
Transcaucasus (Gruziya) [= Georgia]  according to  Emeljanov et al. (2012): 13
Turkmenistan  according to  Emeljanov et al. (2012): 13
Uzbekistan  according to  Emeljanov et al. (2012): 13