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Chronological account
Paralusanda sinuatipennis Synave, 1956 transferred from [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Issidae, . Issidae incertae sedis]
    to [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Nogodinidae, Nogodininae, Mithymnini] according to Gnezdilov (2017): 20
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Cape Provinces (Northern Cape Province)  according to  Synave (1956): 22, Gnezdilov (2017): 20
Cape Provinces (Western Cape Province)  according to  Gnezdilov (2017): 20
Biological interactions
Galenia africana L. (Caryophyllales, Aizoaceae) according to Gnezdilov (2017): 22
Nylandtia spinosa (L.) Dumort. (Fabales, Polygalaceae) according to Gnezdilov (2017): 22
Pteronia divaricata (P. Bergius) Less. (Asterales, Asteraceae) according to Gnezdilov (2017): 22
Salvia lanceolata Brouss. (Lamiales, Lamiaceae) according to Gnezdilov (2017): 22
Zygophyllum retrofractum Thunb. (Zygophyllales, Zygophyllaceae) according to Gnezdilov (2017): 22
1 Type specimen(s)
Holotype ♀ of Paralusanda sinuatipennis Synave, 1956 deposited in [SANC] Agricultural Research Council, South African National Collection of Insects, Pretoria according to Synave (1956): 22