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Chronological account
Derbe sinuosa Boheman, 1838 previous combination of Derbe (Thracia) sinuosa Boheman, 1838 according to Westwood (1840): 84
Thracia sinuosa (Boheman, 1838) previous combination of Zoraida (Zoraida) sinuosa (Boheman, 1838) according to Melichar (1914)
Derbe (Thracia) sinuosa Boheman, 1838 previous combination of Thracia sinuosa (Boheman, 1838)
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Derbe sinuosae Westwood, 1841 wrong spelling of Zoraida (Zoraida) sinuosa (Boheman, 1838)
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Cameroon  according to  Boheman (1838)
Central African Republic  according to  Synave (1973)
Democratic Republic of the Congo  according to  Synave (1973)
Nigeria  according to  Van Stalle (1984): 19
Philippines (Palawan)  according to  Muir (1917)
Sierra Leone  according to  Stål (1866): 194, Synave (1973)
Togo  according to  Synave (1973)