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Chronological account
Phaciocephalus Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Derbidae]
    to [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Derbidae, Cenchreini] according to Fennah (1952): 129
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Phasiocephalus Kirkaldy, 1906 wrong spelling of Phaciocephalus Kirkaldy, 1906 in Metcalf (1945)
26 species
Phaciocephalus carbas Fennah, 1967
Phaciocephalus carolinensis Metcalf, 1954
Phaciocephalus concolor Muir, 1913
Phaciocephalus croceas Fennah, 1967
Phaciocephalus danista Fennah, 1967
Phaciocephalus fimbriolata (Stål, 1862)
Phaciocephalus funebris Muir, 1913
Phaciocephalus marpsias Fennah, 1950
Phaciocephalus miltodias Kirkaldy, 1907
Phaciocephalus minyrias Kirkaldy, 1907
Phaciocephalus nesodreptias Kirkaldy, 1907
Phaciocephalus nesogonias Kirkaldy, 1907
Phaciocephalus onoi Metcalf, 1954
Phaciocephalus paschalis Fennah, 1956
Phaciocephalus phaedra Fennah, 1956
Phaciocephalus pseudobadia Muir, 1917
Phaciocephalus pullatus Kirkaldy, 1907
Phaciocephalus rattlei Muir, 1913
Phaciocephalus rubrofasciata (Distant, 1920)
Phaciocephalus sigaleon Fennah, 1967
Phaciocephalus silanio Fennah, 1967
Phaciocephalus testacea (Walker, 1870)
Phaciocephalus troas Fennah, 1950
Phaciocephalus tutuliae Muir, 1921
Phaciocephalus vitiensis Kirkaldy, 1906  type species
Phaciocephalus zethus Fennah, 1956
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